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  • Ilene (9 years)

    I’ve tried many times to contact jlove, which I stupidly joined.
    Aside from the monthly fee, there are other issues.
    I tried to cancel, sent 6 letters—all bounced back.
    Is there a live person?
    Then a man who wrote lovely things, but did not reveal his real address or phone, seemed too nice. On checking his business I found a website, but nothing to back it up. There are no records of him any where.
    However his letters are romantic, and seem to good to be true.
    More searching-and nothing. Suddenly, I received letters from other men, all in the same industry, and same relationship situation. Is everyone and engineer with international business, who has lost a wife in an accident, and …..
    Does anyone know about this company, jlove?
    And how do you find out if someone is real, or it’s one of those…

  • to (7 years)

    How can I locate a specific person who is also a member of J/date?

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