What is JDaters Anonymous?

What is JDaters Anonymous?

JDaters Anonymous is a community of new singles, old singles, former singles and singles sympathizers of all faiths and perspectives. Hosted as an internet parlour meeting by Esther Kustanowitz, JDA provides a safe space for kvetching within reason, ranting without hatred, and support with no questions asked. OK, so there might be a few questions asked. And the management prefers civil discourse to angry, personal attacks. So, although we occasionally derail into more primal states of mean girls and stupid boys, for the most part, we’re all adults here. Or at least we want to be when we grow up.

So is it only about JDate?
Not even remotely. It started because friends had all these stories from being in the dating trenches, but felt utterly alone. JDaters Anonymous is a resounding “me too!” to people for whom dating is not Cosmos and Manolos.

So what’s the J for?
Jeez, you are persistent. Yes, the J stands for Jewish. And lots of the people who comment here are Jewish. But we get a fair number of people here who are non-Semitic. (Which is not the same as anti-Semitic, some of whom also visit from time-to-time. That’s right, we’re that open a community.) And all are welcome here, because this ain’t no Hasidic shul.


  • Gary's son (10 years)

    It is true many people are just playing the games using somebody else’s photos or posting the multiple profiles.While I was writing research paper about the Internet dating, I have read a lot about this. Personally, I never had success using the on-line dating. Many people are there just for games. On the other hand, some members are posting their high income figures (possibly fake) and huge list of completed degrees including Ph.D. No wonder, they will not even bother to look on former automotive repair tech, who is grinding into the bachelor’s degree while working as industrial engineer. To be objective, the women who were watching my profile were mostly single mothers with teenage kids.

  • Manny Swank (10 years)

    Hello, My name is Manny, and I am organizing an event in NYC for Jewish Singles on Monday Dec 24th at P.M. Lounge (pmloungenyc.com). We are having an Open Bar from 9-10pm. I wanted to reach out to you, (I just found your website) if you can send an email to all of your members. We are charging $20 for admission, but will allow your guests to enter FOR FREE (no gimmick). Please call me or email me back at 917.838.5351 or manny@swankny.com

    -Manny Swank
    Swank NY Inc.
    350 Fifth Avenue Suite 3122
    Empire State Building
    New York, NY 10118
    (P) 1212.239.6740
    (C) 1917.838.5351
    (E) manny@swankny.com

  • jannew (10 years)

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  • JJ (8 years)

    Depends what chassidic shull…

    Chabad shulls take everyone – A JEW is A JEW is A JEW! :-)

  • Ben Cherwitz (7 years)

    Hi All!

    Love the site!

    Thought it’s worth mentioning, I started a Jewish Dating Website about 1 year ago called JewFling (www.JewFling.com) and it’s been growing leaps and bounds since! If anyone is interested in joining, shoot me an email that says you saw this post and I’ll give you a 1 month free membership!


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