You probably got the email just like I did…but JLove, in celebration of its first anniversary, just went free. An excerpt from the email:

We have grown to be almost 50,000 Jewish singles for our first anniversary. As of tonight, you can SEND and RECEIVE E-mails, chat, IM and much more for NO COST at all. Now you can save your dollars for your dates and your shekels for someone special.

They have said this in the past, and it hasn’t meant totally free. (Maybe “almost free,” like this pizza place in Israel.) But now they swear, “free means free.” And that’s supposed to be free to send AND receive emails (what a concept), and that everything else is free. Not sure what the business model is here, but I’ll let the shareholders worry about that.

And in the meantime, you may also want to check out this graphic, which reminds us all to pick a username we’re comfortable with. Real comfortable with.

Hat tip to the Oyster.