That’s right…Halloween approacheth, like a slow, painful evisceration peeking over the horizon. Prepare for the endless string of horror flicks all over basic cable, a proliferation of candy corn at local supermarkets, and bloodied accident victims punctuating the streets with flecks of disastrous, panic-provoking seasonal color. (No, I’m not a big Halloween fan.)
And it wouldn’t be a holiday with an excuse for women to dress like hookers if JDate didn’t find a hook to self-promote. So they’ve released this handy “guide” to a successful Halloween, which includes tips about the most popular costumes (men enjoy the French Maid, and women the policeman) and how not to become a ghoul (don’t drink too much). And they’ve also announced a series of ‘Jewdunnit’ murder mystery dinner parties uniquely scripted for JDate members.

Of course, my posting about this blatant attempt to self-promote is itself an illustration that the PR strategy worked. It’s very meta. And very frustrating. But the upside? A hechsher to dress like a ho, if only for one night.