It’s the long-awaited return of a series that coulda been a contenduh: The Single Semite of the Month series over at Jewlicious, which lasted all of one month, because I couldn’t find enough candidates for a monthly series.

But now I’m bringing it back here on JDaters Anonymous, co-branding it with Jewlicious, and enlisting the help of the blogosphere and the Facebook community to find these elusive men and women who are making sexy Semitic, and making Semitic just a little darned sexier. From the Facebook group:

Know a sexy or sassy single Semite who should be highlighted in this series on and JDaters Anonymous? Join our single Semite scouts in our search for Jewish men and women worthy of the title.

We’re not just about pretty faces and obvious celebrity choices. Our search takes us past Portman, beyond Braff. Humor, intelligence, activism, dedication, passion–all these qualities are even more important than how objectively hot someone is. (No porn stars, please. Especially Ron Jeremy.)

So submit your nominations now…