He’s 48, with sparkling blue eyes, a hit sitcom, a featured role in a Martin Scorcese film, and a lifelong ticket to hosting Saturday Night Live. He’d love to be married again, and have more kids. And he’s looking for love. He’s even willing to consider online dating:

In a tongue-in-cheek interview in the February issue of Glamour, Baldwin says he’s thought about dipping into the online-dating scene, and jokingly imagines the kind of responses he might get. “I could post my picture and say, ‘People tell me I look like Alec Baldwin.’ They’ll go, ‘Oh, I hate him’ or ‘Who the hell is he?’ “

JDaters Anonymous loves Alec Baldwin. Even if his brother and his ministry would likely try to convert me. (Check out his book trailer–that’s right, a book trailer–here. Or read the first chapter, with tales of partying at the Playboy mansion with Robert Downey Jr, how the “brother dynasty” got started, and how he refused to play the pos “Usual Suspects” Hollywood game that could have launched him to superstardom and instead chose to co-star with Pauly Shore in “Bio-Dome.” No joke.)