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How to Succeed? Be a SSotM!


“Jewish Indiana Jones” Josh Bernstein’s been gaining visibility lately, with a loyal female fan base and this gushing piece in New York Magazine (see CK’s post at Jewlicious). Meanwhile, over in professional dating industry professional land, author and relationships coach Evan Marc Katz recently got engaged.

What’s the connection? Clearly Single Semites of the Month, once identified by JDatersAnonymous, are destined for eventual stardom. Josh Bernstein initiated the category in February 2006, and then went on to be featured in the NY Times before getting to NY Magazine recently. As for Evan, the author of two books on dating now, was a Single Semite of the Month back in April 2007, and recently announced his engagement.

So…not a guarantee, but there’s a high incidence of good things happening for SSotMs. Have one to recommend? See the guidelines here.

“Find His Wife, Please” and Summer Romances: New Columns Online


Everyone loves a summer romance; until they’re over. (Insert Debbie Downer’s “wah-waaaaah.”)

In tribute to my summer romance with Jewish innovation (I know…sounds totally hot, right?), I present this latest column, whose name — picked by my editor, apparently — is so bad that I’m not even putting it here. Just click and read.

And if you missed the column before that, click here for “Find His Wife, Please,” a column about standup single comic David Kilimnick, who I am officially declaring July’s Single Semite of the Month. Check out his website at, and tell him I sent you.

SSoTM Makes Good: Josh Bernstein in the NY Times


According to this article in the NY Times, quasi-archeologist/explorer (and charter Single Semite of the Month) Josh Bernstein attracted a record number of women to a recent fireside chat at the Explorers’ Club, where he talked about his travels and adventures.

Mr. Bernstein, 36, is an anthropologist and Cornell graduate. He is the host of a program that explores mysteries like the lost cities of Atlantis and El Dorado. He travels to location by camel or paraglider or with oxygen tanks and flippers, sometimes braving natural disasters and parasites. Last Monday, during his finale on the History Channel, Mr. Bernstein explored Aztec civilization and human sacrifice.

Yes, a true and bold explorer. But has he been brave enough to try the Jewish singles scene? Talk about natural disasters, parasites and human sacrifice…

Anyway, congratulations to our SSoTM. Since the second SSoTM has also recently been in the NY Times I can only scientifically conclude that being a SSoTM makes you even more famous. So apply today!

Single Semite of the Month: Evan Marc Katz


If Evan Marc Katz‘s name doesn’t sound familiar to you, it should. I’ve certainly mentioned him before–I met him about three years ago, in the early days of my column, at a UJC Young Leadership conference in Washington, DC, where he spoke to a packed room of frustrated daters about what they’re doing wrong with their dating profiles. I’ll admit it now…at first, I thought his advice (particularly about banning adjectives from my online profile) was a lot of hooey. But as I thought about it, I learned that the author of “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating” was right–my profile was much better after I took a red pen to it and eliminated some of those murky, non-helpful adjectives. (It didn’t help me get more online dates, but that’s another story.) That’s not the whole secret to fixing online dating profiles, but it’s one of the things Evan covers in the book and also for clients of his company,
Then Evan published his next book, “Why You’re Still Single: Things Your Friends Would Tell You If You Promised Not to Get Mad,” a title which actually made me a little mad, but the book itself was a funny, relatable “he-said, she-said” of a read that made me feel a little better. Other people were going through this stuff too.

Over the years, Evan and I have become friends, and usually I get to see him when I’m in LA, and we talk about dating and relating and all that. He’s funny, and it’s “smart-funny,” not “stupid-funny.” (Plus, although he woulda been a contenduh even with his long curly hair, the new “clean-cut” style really brings out those eyes, that smile…)

Even so, somehow I never thought of Evan as a SSOTM until I read his latest article in’s Happen Magazine, chronicling what it’s like to be the “Last Single Guy Standing“:

Then I hit my mid-thirties. I started to take stock of my methods and was forced to wonder whether I was my own worst enemy. I suddenly felt something beyond longing for connection… I found myself with a real sense of urgency about settling down. A strange, deeply buried ticking clock of sorts. I actually found myself thinking things like, “If I fell in love tomorrow, got engaged in six months, got married in a year and had a child a year later, I’d still be in my late fifties by the time my kid graduated college.” I know. It’s nuts.

No more nuts than any of the rest of us who lived our lives imagining our own marriage timelines. Some of us planned to marry at 23, have a kid at 25, then again at 28 and 31, and be cool, hip moms well into our 50s. (Oh, not me; “a friend.”) But welcome to the world of the serious dater, maybe thinking ahead too much, too early, but needing to be serious in order to get serious. And unfortunately, Evan happens to be a dating coach, so there’s always going to be someone who says, “you’re still single, so what do you know?” (Believe me, singles columnists hear that too.)

So here he is, kids. The first in my resurrected series of “Single Semite of the Month.” And the reluctant poster child for Valentine’s Day. And a hell of a good guy.
(Have nominees for Single Semite of the Month? Send your suggestions to Jdatersanonymous at gmail dot com. And join our Facebook group to discuss suggestions and the decisions of the judges as SSOTMs are chosen…)

Single Semite of the Month: He Has Been Chosen…


Who will he be? Some people suggested Ilan from Top Chef (season finale tonight), which was a good instinct except that he apparently a) has a girlfriend (ergo not single, work with me people) b) seems to have an inordinately excessive love of cooking with pork products. I know, I never said that the Single Semite has to be kosher. But he should be kosher-style. Or at least not the poster boy for bacon. Plus, if you need a reason c) according to his bio, he’s also a master debater. Oops. Sorry. It says “expert debater.” For obvious reasons.

So it’s not him. But stay tuned. Post to come tomorrow, hopefully.

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