The world is full of dating stories. This is one of them.

Written by a friend of mine (no, really, it’s not me) who recently moved to LA from New York (I swear it’s not me!), the post tells a tale all-too-familiar to Jewish daters…there’s a fancy hotel, expensive cars and clothes, and a man with an obscure job. And of course, awkward conversation.

Dateline: Beverly Hills – Bachelor #87
by J., intrepid JDater

I was contacted on JDate by a man who initiated an IM conversation with “Are you a good cook”? I continued to chat with him online and then over the phone, at which point he asked me out for a date. Bachelor #87 hails from Israel. He is from Iran originally and moved to LA from Israel when he was 18. So a Persian/Israeli Jew. He’s 43, never been married and “works in real estate” what ever that means. He does not work for a company and does not have his own company so somehow he’s figured out how to make money. (Fine Italian shoes, fancy sports car and diamond watch attached). I’m starting to think I’m the idiot here, who works in a cubicle all day.

He treated me to a fancy bottle of wine and lovely appetizers at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. We’re talking a $300 dollar snack here. He’s wearing a French cuff shirt with diamond cuff links and pointy Italian shoes. They could have been alligator but I am not well versed in footwear. I’m in GAP jeans and a t-shirt and was THIS close to wearing flip flops; luckily the heels made it to The Peninsula. But I showered, I promise!

We discussed Israel, US politics, future goals. He explained to me that men and women are not equal, and a woman should know her place in the marriage: in the home. She should be strong enough to deal with all his issues and be a doting mother at the same time. A woman should never challenge the man or diminish his pride. She should listen and be attentive. She should want to move wherever her husband decides they move – so if 3 years into the marriage he wants to move to Israel, she should go. He expects 3 children minimum and after one hour together explained to me I am a viable candidate. I’d be a great mother and a great wife, apparently. YAY!

As we’re sitting on the couch by the fire at The Peninsula Hotel and talking, his shirt is slightly unbuttoned and he’s slowly pinching his chest hair over and over. The motion resembled that of a woman who is petting a cat on her lap while entertaining a guest.

He asked me if I cook, what I cook and if I’d be willing to learn Persian cuisine. He has ancestors from Russia on his mother’s side and was thrilled when I told him I can make borscht. I’m really killing this I think! I’m almost in! I just have to make sure I don’t screw anything up!

He asked me if I would ever challenge his word in front of the children. Once we have them of course. I was happy he was bringing up good first date conversation. I mean, I wouldn’t want it to be awkward or anything.

He asked what I enjoy doing on the weekends and I let him know I love to swim and sadly don’t have a pool in my building. He said this is not a problem and he will speak with The Peninsula Hotel management so they allow me to use their pool at my leisure. Yay, he likes me!

Around 11 o’clock I explained I must get home as I have an early wake up call to go into the office. He said a 9am arrival time is ridiculous and he should have a conversation with my boss. He was also not happy I don’t get more than 2 weeks of vacation time. How are we supposed to go to Israel together for the whole month of September? I got nervous…did I just mess this up? Is my corporate America job keeping me from my beloved? How do I paddle back from this? I mean, this is a great man I’ve got here! He’s a staunch Republican, fiercely pro-Israel and is looking for a wife.

After the date we went to the valet to get our cars. He drove a fancy 2-seater sporty BMW. As I watched my future Jewish husband get into his German sports car and drive away, I couldn’t help but wonder…. I hope I did okay.

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